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All you need to know about Wagram Consulting PEO EOR services in France

What is the difference between an EOR, PEO, Umbrella company in France ?2022-04-13T12:51:07+02:00

PEO Professional Employer Organization
A PEO, or “Professional Employer Organization”, manages your administrative services such as payroll, recruiting, benefits, etc.
It’s a bit like having your on-site HR department in a foreign country.
In France, a PEO is not able to hire employees.

EOR ‘Employer of record
The EOR ‘Employer of record’ is a company to which you turn to recruit talent because you do not have a legal entity in France. The EOR is the legal employer of the person who will work for you. The EOR takes care of all the administrative procedures, and hires the person you want.

Umbrella Company
Umbrella companies provide a payroll service. This service includes the management of salaries, timesheets and invoices. The company is also in charge of paying the salaries.

Wage Portage
In France, Umbrella companies and EOR are merged concepts, we talk here about Wage Portage.

How long does it take to start off with a new employee ?2022-04-13T12:53:31+02:00

It can be very quick, if you have already negotiated the salary and defined in detail the job description with the future employee; all that then remains is to formalize these agreements on a service contract.
When the service contract is signed, the employee can be declared a Wagram employee.

What are the conditions to work in France ?2022-04-13T12:58:02+02:00

To work in France, the worker must be French or from the EEC and must be resident in France.
We can employ for you people who can work anywhere in the world. They must be French residents and EEC nationals.

What type of contract can we do ?2022-04-13T12:59:41+02:00

We can propose all types of contracts :
Contract for an indefinite period
Fixed term contract
Full time or part time
Fixed price per month – Average Daily Rate.

Depending on the duration of the mission, the employees can be paid according to a fixed monthly price but also according to a daily rate.

What about insurances ?2022-04-13T13:02:19+02:00

Our employees are covered by our insurances:
– our RCP Insurance covering the risks in civil and professional liability,
– a financial guarantee of salaries with the AXA insurance company,
– travel assistance and insurance for all travel in France and abroad.

What are the legal working hours in France ?2022-04-13T13:04:31+02:00

Monday to Friday 5 days a week, 7 hours a day, 35 hours a week.

What are the vacations and public holidays in France ?2022-04-13T13:10:14+02:00

Paid leave :
Employees are entitled to 30 open days (5 weeks) for a full year of work.

Public Holidays :
New Year’s Day                     January 1st
Easter Monday
Labor Day                               May 1st
1945 Victory Day                   May 8
Ascension Thursday
Pentecost Monday
The national holiday            July 14
Assumption Day                   August 15
All Saints’ Day                       November 1st
Armistice Day                       November 11th
Christmas                              December 25th

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