You do not have a structure and you wish to hire someone in France?

The solution is to use Wagram Consulting, an EOR or wage portage company.

The “Employer of Record” (EOR), or Wage Portage company is mandated to assume responsibility for all tasks related to the employment of the person you wish to have work for you.

An EOR is the solution for companies that choose not to directly hire a worker on assignment in France (in another country).

The legal framework of Wage Portage:

EOR / Wage Portage in France is totally regulated by law :

  • Only a registered company with a unique EOR / Wage portage activity can provide this service.
  • The company must also have subscribed a financial guarantee for the benefit of the employees.

These conditions are very important because unemployment benefits may be denied to any employee of a Portage company that does not respect the regulations.

Wagram Consulting works in compliance with the law and relieves you of any legal or social risk.

How it works?

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