Wagram Consulting takes total management of employee(s) hiring process.

We take full responsibility for the employment contract:

  • Onboarding of the employee
  • Drafting and signing of the Portage Agreement
  • Drafting and signing of the employment contract

  • Declaration of employment with the tax and social security authorities, medical examination

We handle all legal compliance documents in addition to payroll processing, we handle social benefit administration and employment contracts:

  • Social and fiscal declarations, payment of the contributions (National Health Service, old-age pension, retreat, welfare,…)
  • Payment of salaries, establishment of pay slips

  • Invoicing and reimbursement of expenses incurred by the employee

  • Recruitment assistance: Take advantage of our local presence, we can provide you with selection and recruitment support through our network of partners and consultants

You only have to pay one invoice each month, we take care of the rest, so you can focus on the assignment with the employee.

Advantages for the employee:

  • He/She is an employee of a French legal entity, who thereby contributes to all mandatory funds (health insurance, retirement, supplementary retirement, unemployment insurance, mutual insurance).

  • Each month, the employee receives the agreed salary, receives his pay slip as in a “normal” company.

  • In case of termination of the mission, he/she will be entitled to unemployment benefits. This is not the case for an independent contractor.

Relationship and advice.

The employee is not alone, we provide all the close support that may be needed in social, legal and fiscal fields.

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