The EOR Wage Portage company is the legal entity that:

  • Provides a legal entity to pay local salaries in accordance with the legislation of France and other countries.
  • Ensures compliance with all labor laws of the host country related to local contracts and worker protection.
  • Informs the client of notice periods, termination rules and severance pay terms.

No need to incorporate local.

No need to set up a local company before setting up a local structure, or for a specific mission, for one or several workers. The foreign company can call upon our services to employ local resources. This allows firms to test the market, to launch the business progressively without incurring immediate structural costs.

Wagram Consulting - Pourquoi nous choisir ?

Peace of mind.

You respect and comply with local laws and regulations.

Wagram Consulting, the “Employer of Record” (EOR) assumes the responsibilities and obligations related to the salary aspect of the employment: administration, payroll, taxes, social insurance, health insurance and employee record keeping.

By taking on most of the responsibility for compliance and tax legislation, the Reference Employer provides peace of mind for the client who knows that their payroll is being handled by qualified professionals.

No intermediary.

We are not a platform. You are in direct contact with an EOR / Wage portage company in France, without any intermediary.

With Wagram you are assured of a tailor-made service, personalized and adapted to your specific needs. We can’t offer you a global service all over the world, but that’s our strength, we are located and focused on the French market.

Wagram Consulting - Pourquoi nous choisir ?

These companies trust us, consultants supported by Wagram Consulting have missions there:

Arval - Wagram Consulting Partners
BPI France - Wagram Consulting Partners
Cegid - Wagram Consulting Partners
Havas Paris - Wagram Consulting Partners
mgen - Wagram Consulting Partners
KPMG - Wagram Consulting Partners

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