The process is simple and fast to set up.

You select one or more people you want to hire, and just submit these informations to us:

  • description of the mission / position,
  • salary that you wish to pay,
  • definition of possible bonuses,
  • possible benefits: extra pension plan, participation in the mutual insurance company, luncheon vouchers,
  • definition of the mission expenses that will be taken into account…

We calculate the cost, which includes social charges, insurance, taxes and agreed benefits.

We make you an estimate and if you accept it, we sign a service contract together.

We hire the person or persons.

From this moment on, they become our employees (you are not the legal employer), bound to us by an employment contract under French law.

You are therefore bound to Wagram Consulting, “Employer of Record” (EOR), or Wage Portage company by a purely commercial service contract.

The commercial contract that binds us defines the position and includes the conditions negotiated with the employee.

One employee = one service contract where the employee is expressly designated for the position.

What do we do?

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